Born in 1990, Jyväskylä, Finland. Raised by command-line interfaces, Sound Blaster audio cards, and LucasArts adventures. Naturally gravitating towards user experiencemusic, and graphic design. Passionate about privacy, accessibility, and equity, interested in bridging the gap between nature and technology. Dreams of a future where humans aren’t so dependent on hyper-communication and the internet, but on their brains instead.

Core skills

📍 UX Designer

“What differentiates me from many other designers is my background in software engineering. I am aware of the frustrations from both sides, the people who make the applications, and the people who use them. I insert myself in between marketing and development teams while trying to wear the shoes of an end user. My designs often have a good balance between form and function. I don’t design for the likes on social media; first and foremost, I design to solve (user) problems, then I add some sparkle with music, sound, animation, and visual design, as icing on the cake. I'm very much of a generalist designer.”

Composer, Producer

“Music has always had an important role in my life. I play several instruments and I’m no stranger to playing in bands (30+ gigs). I've always been more of a producer type though, not an instrumentalist. I've done music all my life and I’m able to do it in commercial quality. On some occasions, I’ve also done more trivial types of tracks, such as video game music for a gaming company, background music for ads, and podcast jingles.”

Graphic Designer

“Drawing was one of my earliest passions, alongside reading comics and playing video games. I used to doodle, scribble, and animate all the time, but, over the years the act of drawing has somewhat faded out from my daily activities. I still utilize my visual skills on an almost daily basis though, whether it’s creating raster/vector graphics, animation (cut-out, traditional, stop motion), pixel art, and even 3D to some extent.”

Game Designer

“I made my first game-like applications as a youngster with a software called Klik&Play, I was amazed by the opportunity to recreate my favorite games by only moving my mouse and adding simple logic operations on an event grid. Later on I've tried to re-achieve the same kind of workflow with various methods. I've made game demos with Javascript libraries, and clunky IDEs, but only after discovering GDevelop I've found my spark again.”

(Software Engineer)

“I have a degree in it, and a bunch of experience. I specialized in web development, working in the e-commerce business, implementing both sides: web shops, and payment services. I was also the lead developer on a few projects including a UI overhaul of merchant panel, and an implementation of gross settlements. In my spare time, I've made game prototypes with various engines, chatbots, websites, visualizations, and command-line tools. Nowadays, programming is no longer my passion, but knowledge in that area sure helps in the grand scheme of things (e.g. prototyping).”


“To summarize, I've been a part of software development-related hijinxes professionally for about 10 years now. What gets me out of the bed in mornings nowadays, is to be able to help people achieve their goals, by creating something functional, and pleasant to look at.”




  • UX Designer (9/2021-7/2023)
    • Product design and concepting (..being one of the key designers for the CCI product), UX generalist work (research, interaction-, information-, usability-, and visual design), building UX culture, structuring the design process, and working on the branding, illustrations, and promotional material up close with the marketing team.
  • UI Developer (8/2020-9/2021)
    • UI development (React). Then gradually took charge of UI design-related tasks, and shifted into the world of UX design, full-time.


  • Frontend Developer (6/2019-6/2020)
    • Bringing the re-design spec of SokosPrisma and Kodin Terra web-shops to fruition with HTML/CSS and Javascript. Working together with the SOK design team.


  • Frontend Lead (6/2018-5/2019)
    • Leading a couple of projects including the 'Merchant Panel' UI overhaul. Overseeing UX (especially accessibility) side of things in 'The State Treasury' related projects. Creating UI designs for various purposes.
  • Frontend Developer (11/2017-6/2018)
    • Taking responsibility for converting Paytrail's services to be mobile responsive. Also leading a project of implementing gross settlements. First ever touches on being a true-ass project leader.
  • Software Developer (3/2014-11/2017)
      Jack of all trades and master of none. Implemented all kinds of things from message queue systems to refund functionalities, from refactoring legacy code to building e-mail and PDF layouts. Fixed a whole lot of bugs, wrote a bunch of automated tests, spent a lot of time in the command-line interface, worked as a full-stack developer, and slowly learned why that isn't something I want to pursue.


Metso (Valmet)

  • Automation Technician (6/2010-8/2010)
  • Automation Technician (5/2011-8/2011)

Jyväskylän Sähkö ja Tele

  • Electrician (6/2008-7/2008)


"I've done freelance work for companies such as Aiwo, Paytrail, Mega Cat Studios,, Nuan, Rot, and Blue Ice Jewellery. Work has included video-game music, sounds, logo design, wall paintings, and podcast jingles to name a few."


Star Arcade

  • Software Developer Trainee (5/2013-10/2013)
    • Thesis work, it had nothing to do with making video games. As a soon-graduating greenhorn, I was trying to build a project management tool.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

  • Software Developer (5/2012-8/2012)
    • Being a part of the 'SkyNest' project, creating a (open-source) project management system called FreeNEST. Lots of open-source systems, Debian packaging, and my first touch with (glorious) Vim.

Metso (Valmet)

  • Automation Technician Trainee (5/2009-6/2009)

Insta Automation

  • Automation Technician Trainee (1/2009-4/2009)

Jyväskylän Sähkö ja Tele

  • Electrician Trainee (2/2008-4/2008)


"During my formative years, as a member of a musician association called REMU, I played with about half a dozen odd jobs and party bands, ranging from blues to jazz, and country to pop. I also played drums in an atmospheric folk band called Eetla in 2014, which had one gig at Lounaispuisto. Then I've done some fill-in gigs, such as playing bass for a band called Nordic Summer. Nowadays I haven't been playing live for ages."

"In 2013, I was a member of Pandatom, we did a 3D shooter video game in Unity with my friend. Then in 2016, I re-made the game in 2D with another friend as a unit called Basic Horse, that game ended up being a new game called Ghost Defense. In both projects, I worked on game design, music, sound, and assets."


JAMK University of Applied Sciences

  • Software Engineer (B.E.) (2010-2013)

Kainuun Prikaatti

  • Viestimies, Polttoainemies (2009-2010)

Jyväskylän Ammattiopisto

  • Automation Technician (2006-2009)

Muuratsalon-, Lehtisaaren Koulu

  • Elementary School (1996-2005)



California Institute of the Arts


Olli's development as a UX-designer and visual problem solver has been immense. He has an innate knack for creating beautiful and functional visualizations – building them from wireframes to full-fletched visual designs. Olli actively hones these skills through eager experimentation, iteration, and studies – continuously growing as a holistic designer. Olli is an endearing part of the workforce with his Finnish quality of humor resonating with all the people around him. –Aate Autio (Aiwo)

Steering technical product development I was working with Olli in converting customer and business requirements to product UX, user interfaces and implementation. Olli takes responsibility in digging deep into requirements and communicating them and related aspects within the team. Where Olli shines is creating incredible end-user experiences that look graphically amazing. Also, there is never dull moment working with Olli especially if you have Finnish sense of dark humour. –Hannu Klemetti (Aiwo)

“I was the one hiring Olli. Never had doubts on him. Always was proud of him. Often was jealous about his height. We had many seasons together on product development adventures. Olli is an active, honest and open colleague. He is willing to give and receive help. He didn’t always agree and there were times when assignments did not tickle all his ambitions and desires - yet he played for the logo in his shirt. Olli is a multi-talent person and together with his personal characteristics and attitude towards work, he is really something. Man, I miss him.” –Vesa Kortteinen (Paytrail)

“Working with Olli is a real privilege. He is a creative thinker who always works hard and smart to get job done. You can always count on his help, vision and on his honest opinion. One might call him a UX designer, but really he is an artist. He is the kind of player you definitely want to have in your team. I would work with him again at any time and with great pleasure.” –Saana Borgström (Paytrail, Aiwo)

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