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I feel too many products are ruined by a lack of care in presentation, packaging, or the overall user experience. Whether it be applications, products, or services, I find it ironic since the very first thing the users interact with is the user interface. I have worked in the software industry for about 10 years, focusing on web, UX, and UI design and development, doing unrelated work on the side like music, graphic design, game development, wall paintings, and so on, and what I’ve learned about myself along the way is that I get kicks from trying to produce joyful user experiences, whatever the medium is.

๐Ÿ“จ Send an e-mail ✉️ ollisuoranta@gmail.com


I'll audit your digital product by running a bunch of tests—including a usability test, a heuristic evaluation, subjective thoughts, some form of technical analysis, and accessibility checkers. Then I'll produce a report for you to see, along with suggestions to enhance your product's usability.


I'll arrange a session with the users and/or stakeholders - with an intention to understand their problems, needs, and frustrations. Everything will be compiled into a human-readable report. This data can then be used to define core problems you're trying to solve.


I'll take in the data from interviews, and/or workshops and shape it into human-readable (anonymized) data (e.g. user personas, user journeys, and problem statements.)


I'll get my pencils, use the available user knowledge, and let my wildest ideas roam free, as a goal to generate lots of ideas. Then these ideas can be processed, and the best parts can be further worked on.


I'll produce a set of (grayscale) wire-frames, representing the core structure, and/or site-map of the product. It could be a single image, a series of images, or even a clickable prototype with basic interaction elements.

User Test

I'll make a plan for testing users (as un-biasedly as I can), then execute the plan, let it be a online-poll, or live-session. With the data gathered, I'll form a report/presentation of the findings.


I'll forge the wire-frames into a full-fledged product designs - including top-notch visual design; everything from colors to typography, paddings to margins, graphical elements to components obeying a design system (e.g. Material Design).

Design System

I'll build a custom design system according to your brand. In a nutshell it means pre-made components, and sticker-sheets in Figma, that can be utilised when building layouts.


I'll create a prototype of the product that resembles the final product with functional interaction possibilities. It will use mock-data, and will not have anything "real" under-the-hood, but it will guide the development, marketing, and overall vision. Depending of the needs, it will done either in Sketch/Figma, or HTML/CSS/JS.


I'll take a look at your codebase—figure out how it's working, take a breath, and start pushing commits. For example, I could be implementing the UX designs or finishing a half-baked website (I love tweaking the pixels). I could be a member of your team providing additional coding support or just a person implementing the first version of your idea. Technologies vary from basic HTML/CSS/JS to React, style components, Angular, you name it.

Note! I have ~8 years worth of experience in software development.


I'll let my vim editor sing and script you something useful—like an automatic accessibility checker in the pipeline, module bundler, telegram bot, or a nifty BASH command that spits out unicorns on the command line.

Video-game / Interactive Content

I'll design and implement a complete 2D/2.5D video game or interactive content, all the way from design to illustrations and music/sound to implementation. Example uses: marketing, fairs, museums, website fun...


I'll make sure your product follows the targeted WCAG accessibility requirements by running tests on it and doing the necessary changes to it (e.g. adjusting the color contrast.)

Digital Tidy-up

I'll take a look at your website and see if there is something I could tidy up. People often get blind to their own creations, or projects seem to get 80% done, but there is no time to finish them up and tweak the pixels. Let me handle that; I love it.


I'll build an affordable website for you (or for your company) by using platforms such as Wordpress, Webflow, Blogger, or static-site generators such as Jekyll. Whatever suits your needs the best.

*Backend Development

*I know my way around databases, models, business logic and message tubes, but they're most certainly NOT my forte..


I'll turn your idea(s) into lines of ink on a paper, so you can visualize them better.

Logo Design

I'll have a conversation with you, make a bunch of drafts, and by your choosing, I shape the best one into a full-fledged logo, and/or a logo-type according to your needs.


I'll build you a brand book (.pdf), including all the necessary chapters including your strategy, values, slogan, tone, personas, logo, typography, dimensions, color-palette, graphical elements, icons, illustrations, sound, real-life examples...

PowerPoint Presentation

I'll make you a professional looking presentation either from scratch, or by using your company's design guidelines.

Visualization, Infographic

I'll make you a visually pleasing representation based on your data.

Illustration (.png)

I'll create (high-resolution) illustrations for your needs by using either analog, or digital methods. Example uses: graphics on a website, visualizations in powerpoint presentations, illustrations in articles, book covers, album covers, etc..

Illustration (.svg)

I'll create an eternally scalable vector illustration based on your needs. Example uses: elements on a website, stickers, posters, wallpapers, backgrounds, icons, etc...

3D Model (low-poly)

I'll provide you hand-made 3D models made with either SketchUp or Cheetah3D, in all the common formats.

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I'll design a thumbnail image for your social-media post, let it be YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc..

Motion Design

I'll animate you a video-clip in Apple Motion, that you can use in front of your videos, social-media posts, company videos, etc..


I'll listen to your needs, take your video-files, cut them, align them, and add filters, transitions, and (custom) music. Then I'll provide you a finished video that you can post into social-media, YouTube, or something else..


I'll draw you 8-bit art, and/or animation. Example uses: a video-game.

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Podcast Jingle (.wav)

I'll produce you a sweet jingle to kickoff your podcasts. Additionally I can also include complementary "mid-jingles" that you can play in between chapters.

Music Producer

I'll compose and produce instrumentals for you to sing/rap on, or I'll remix, fill your unfinished tracks in creative ways.

Instrument Track

I'll record keyboard-, synth-bass- or percussion parts into your track(s).

Soundtrack (.wav)

I'll produce you an array of music in high quality, let it be for a video-game, web-series, or even a stage-play.?

Soundtrack (.midi, .mod...)

I'll produce you an array of music in more flexible formats, such as MIDI, .MOD, or even Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis compatible formats."

Sound Designer

"I'll make sound and/or ambience for your project—to me, the point where noise becomes music and vice versa is fascinating.


I can cut out unnecessary silent moments in your recordings, enhance parts of it, add something extra. Example uses: Podcasts..

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I can help you with UX design and development—including graphic design and music. Example cases: UX audit and research, UI wireframes, mockups and prototypes, UX/UI development (e.g. React), interactive content (fairs, marketing, etc.), and motion design.

๐Ÿ“จ Send an e-mail ✉️ ollisuoranta@gmail.com

๐Ÿ•’ I answer e-mails on weekdays within approx. 1 day
๐ŸŒ You can also contact me via LinkedIn, if that's your thing.
๐Ÿ“ž For old-school, a phone number: +358407257329
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