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I did this project for a "Brand New Brand" course by CalArts where I had a task to invent a fictional company, create fake history for it along with mind-maps and mood boards, and then make a 17-page brand development guide for it. But since I don't want to upload the entire document here, I'll just showcase the logo here.

I went through about 17 iterations to do the logo, which ended up being a bit simplistic, but I find it works. The full logo represents a printer, and the two stamp-like ones are complementary, which can be used as a stamp for the envelopes for example.

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I can help you with UX design and development—including graphic design and music. Example cases: UX audit and research, UI wireframes, mockups and prototypes, UX/UI development (e.g. React), interactive content (fairs, marketing, etc.), and motion design.

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